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General Hints

It is a mistake to think that there is a lot of money to be made from beekeeping, and any who make a start under that impression will without doubt be greatly disappointed. As a matter of fact, it would be absurd to believe beekeeping as a sole means of obtaining a livelihood on account of the uncertain climate of this country; in one year the returns might be extremely good, whilst in the following one they may be nothing and with a great reduction in the working capital as well. Taking the craft on the whole it is profitable enough if thoroughly understood, but so many rush into it before they are even acquainted with the parts of a hive, let alone with the bees themselves, that disaster is inevitable both to the beekeeper and the bees, total extinction, indeed, is often the result To be successful there must first be a close study of the bees and their ways from practical books on the subject; novices can also obtain great help by joining either the local or county beekeepers’ association, as it brings them into touch with experienced beekeepers, who are always ready to give advice or a helping hands At the same time it is a great mistake for them to become entirely dependent upon such aid as so many do, for there are many so-called beekeepers who have possessed bees for years and yet have never once handled them, and certainly never captured a swarm. Most associations organise lectures and demonstrations, so that there is no excuse for anyone to remain in ignorance concerning this most interesting of all crafts. A note of caution , Some associations are better then others and it may be wise to try a few local ones before you decide to join, After all, they have to fit-in with you as well as you, them. There are many more who would like to keep bees were it not for their sting. It would be foolish to suggest that one will never be stung, ( YOU WILL !! ) but as bee stings are good for rheumatism ( IF you believe popular myth & some science) a few at least should be acceptable. just remember that some people will react badly to stings and some will be allergic. A great deal depends upon the care exercised in manipulating the hive and the bees whether a bad time of it is experienced or not.

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