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Crown Board

Also known as the inner cover / clearer board / top cover There and many and various “Top Covers” for bee hive with many uses. This is essentially an inner roof to suit the hive size in use, with either no holes in it, or a combination of circular and elongated rectangles to suit the need of the hive / beekeeper. Some holes are circular and these are sometimes referred to as a feeder board that allow access to syrup feeder that usually has circular access to match the diameter of the board Some have the elongated rectangles to suit porter bee escapes If not “devices” are in use a piece of metal gauze can be used to allow hive ventilation, although the bees may “glue” this closed There can also be a “see through” version in glass or polycarbonate to allow the hive to be visually inspected with ne need to open the hive at all…This is great for beginners This is more usually referred to as a “Glass Quilt”, this may or may not can of course be equipped with the holes as mentioned It is usually trimmed with a wooden edge to allow a bee space above the frames