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The Apiary

The Apiary Site
The site chosen for the apiary should be on firm ground sheltered (but not overhung) by hedges, bushes or trees to break the force of the wind and to elevate the bees’ line of flight safely out of way of passers-by or neighbours in adjoining gardens. The plot should enough to accommodate one or more additional hives, spaced 4-6 ft – and to provide ample room around them for the beekeeper when attending to or Inspecting the bees. Hives should be set upon firm stands to raise them clear of the ground. Their entrances should preferably have a southerly aspect though this is not essential. The immediate surroundings should be kept free of long grass and tall weeds.

Siting and Equipping a Small Apiary
The beginner is advised to start no more than two small colonies of bees, it is likely that he will or later find himself keeping more, deliberately or otherwise. Bearing mind, he /she should select a site for the apiary accordingly, and be to think ahead when assessing the amount of equipment that will be needed.

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